1. i accept high fives only on my ass

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    Actresses Vera Miles, Barbare Bel Geddes, Carla Gravina, Silvana Mangano and Jeanne Moreau with their hair shaved off for Five Branded Women (1960)

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    Oh Australian graffiti artists. You are doing it so, so right.

    THIS is art. Where is this?

    oh my god

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    The Blonds S/S 2011

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    My favorite part of this photo is that there is absolutely no reason for Jason Segel to be in it and yet there he is laying on Seth Rogen

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    Nat Sherman Classic Blue 

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  11. "I lived seven lives at once. I was power in the ecstasy of death. I was god to a god."

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    Her anxious look, the mystery in her smile.

    Anna Karina

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    Ashol Pan.

    13 year old Ashol Pan is one of the estimated last 250 Mongolian eagle hunters left in the world. And one of the very few women that are granted the privilege to be trained in this ancient, traditional hunting method. Golden eagles are used mainly to hunt foxes during the winter months.

    Some images courtesy of Caters News Agency.

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